Phobias Treatment

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It’s interesting to know that all phobias other than a fear of loud noises and a fear of falling are learned behaviours. We either learned them from family, friends or an event involving the thing you fear. 
Most of us are scared of something and at its most extreme, this can be a phobia. This goes far beyond basic fear and makes you feel extremely anxious and panicky, often at the very thought of the trigger.
Common phobias include going to the dentist, needles, spiders, enclosed spaces and flying but you can develop a phobia of pretty much anything. Some phobias may seem incredibly obscure (such as a fear of buttons!) but this is the thing about phobias in general  -they aren’t rational fears in terms of the actual threat they present.
Whatever the phobia involves, you’ll probably go out of your way not to face it (if this is an option). This can make things difficult if your phobia crops up a lot in day-to-day life and it’s hard to avoid it completely.
If you can’t do this, the anxiety causes physical symptoms such as shaking, sweating, feeling sick, palpitations and finding it hard to speak.
Reacting in this way is out of your control and this can make it feel like you have no chance of overcoming the phobia.
Hypnotherapy has a great success rate for overcoming phobias as it taps into your unconscious mind, which is where phobias have their roots.
Understanding Your Phobia
You may know exactly what is behind your phobia but this won’t always be the case.
Even if you don’t know what has triggered your phobia, to begin with, hypnotherapy can help to get to the bottom of this.
Phobias often stem from a traumatic experience (often much earlier in your life) that has paved the way for the reaction that you have had since then whenever you are faced with it again.
You may not consciously remember this experience but it will be lodged in your unconscious mind and can be accessed there through hypnotherapy. The next step is to start seeing it as something that isn’t nearly as much of a threat as it seems right now.
Changing Your Reaction to Phobia Triggers
Hypnotherapy can give you the tools to respond differently to the situation next time you have to face your phobia.
Right now, your automatic reaction is to feel incredibly anxious but hypnotherapy can change this to something a lot more positive that breaks the phobia’s hold on you.
When you’re relaxed enough to be hypnotised, your unconscious mind is much more open to suggestions made by your hypnotherapist. This is particularly effective for treating phobias as the fact that they are irrational fears allows the unconscious mind to reframe your thinking around them.
Instead of feeling terrified, you’ll feel much calmer and more in control.
Hypnotherapy can also help you to visualise facing your phobia without it having such an intense hold on you. Imagine how you’ll feel going toe to toe with your phobia and feeling no anxiety whatsoever! This is a genuine probability once you have the tools to think differently about the phobia.
There are a few techniques such as desensitisation, visualisation, disassociation, fast phobia cure, and depending on your phobia, your hypnotherapist will determine the best method to use to help overcome it. 
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